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The Benefits of Enrolling in a Clinical Trial

  • free access to the latest therapies,
  • comprehensive care from a specialist doctor who conducts the examination throughout the entire examination period,
  • access to other specialist doctors, if necessary,
  • improved health and quality of life
  • reimbursement of travel costs to the center,
  • the possibility of resignation from participation in the study at any stage 
  • a chance to have a role in the improvement of medical care

How to take part in a clinical trial at our Center?

To take part in the study you should:

  • arrange the date of a medical consultation by phone or by e-mail with the Research Coordinator (by calling +48 692 960 290 or by e-mail:,
  • appear at the Center in person for a pre-arranged appointment with documents confirming the diagnosis of the disease (hospital discharge, test results) and information about other therapies or treatments, diseases and treatment,
  • during the consultation with a specialist doctor, the specialist will explain whether you qualify for the study and what further steps to take to be enrolled into the study